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SWIMRUN S02 has other features that help Swimrun enthusiasts:• To get a lighter and more efficient running stride, SWIMRUN S02 has a thinner material around the hips and thighs.• To reduce friction, SWIMRUN S02 has a neoprene surface with another structure in the crotch area.• To reduce wear, SWIMRUN S02 has a coarser material on the back of the thighs and legs

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• SWIMRUN S02 has larger pockets to more easily and securely carry things which can be useful during a Swimrun race or training. In order to maintain the low weight even when the wetsuit is wet, the pockets have holes which water can run through.• SWIMRUN S02 has a zipper both at the front and back to be able to change more easily.With the help of what we call optimal freedom buoyancy, where one can combine the wetsuit SWIMRUN S02 together with our Swimcalfs SC02, we want to regain the feeling of freedom where it all began surrounding the sport. Swimrun has grown into a sport with space for creativity when it comes to materials and accessories. During races, one usually sees Swimrun enthusiasts with ropes, paddles, pullbouys and various other aides where the focus is more which aides one has and how one can get from point A to B in the fastest and best manner. With the help of our SC02 Swimcalfs as well as our S02 wetsuit with extra surface power on the thighs, we hope to be able to again provide the feeling of freedom that existed when the sport was new. Where the participants, without pullbouys and arms free of lots of aides, in an unimpeded manner, could take themselves through forests and seas.NOTE! In the picture, we’ve clipped out the legs and arms. The suit is only sold with long arms. The cutting in the image is made based on the personal preferences of Jonas.

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