Brightly colored, inflatable buoy with waist belt that visibly floats behind the swimmer. Buoy will not effect performance or swim stroke. Waterproof pocket makes it possible to bring personal stuff when swimming.

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If you're looking for a swim aid that will not only keep you visible and secure in the open water, but also store your valuables safely while you're out there.Nylon. Dimensions 70x35cmFully waterproof compartment keeps your valuables dry and secure

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This swim buoy is a perfect companion for anybody who wants to enjoy their swim with a bit of extra safety (swimmers, triathletes, adventurers, travelers, campers etc.) or for an ordinary beach goer to keep their belongings protected and dry rather than left unattended on the beach.Capacity of 20l (one pair of shoes, towel…)

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Orca's Safety Bag will make you more visible in the water and provide you with a flotation device to hang onto. With its watertight compartment, you can store your things, keeping them safe and dry. A practical and essential safety device for your swimrun competitions and training sessions.

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High pitch pea-less whistle is the perfect choice for a signal deviceClip it

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deal partner for open-water training, our safety buoy enables you to safely store and carry all your belongings thanks to its waterproof pocket. Its bright orange color ensures high visibility to stay secure along the way. Its adjustable belt guarantees an optimized fit without hindering your stroke. 


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