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    As an innovative brand with a strong presence in Scandinavia, HUUB saw it as its obligation to develop a new type of wetsuit, that would cater for the specific requirements in this style of racing.In SwimRun races athletes frequently alternate between swimming and running – and the wetsuit generally stays on throughout the entire race. There is no time for changing equipment. The wetsuit subsequently must not only be great for swimming, but also good for running.

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    The Zone3 Evolution suit has been designed in collaboration with a previous winner of the famous Ö till Ö race in Sweden and three other multi finishing Swedish athletes. Everything has been thought about including flexibility, comfort, buoyancy and functionality.

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    The Openwater Squad children's wetsuit with high-visibility panels will allow your little ones to enjoy their first forays into open water as safely as possible. In addition, the 2 to 2.5 mm Yamamoto neoprene provides sufficient thermal insulation for your swimming sessions.

    Orca uses Yamamoto neoprene in all its products, a durable, lightweight and high-performance material. The construction of the panels and the combination of the various high-quality materials place our wetsuits at the forefront of the sector.

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  • UTÖ-PULSOR 2.0

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    Material: 2 mm Blacktec Open Cell neoprene, extremely soft and flexibleFeatures:- asymmetric long front zip, opening generously   for perfect ventilation during running- upper part can be completely folded down for long running sections- pockets at the back to carry sun lotion or energy bars

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    The quality of the adult Core range is now available for children as well. The high-performance fabrics used boast low water absorption and good compression. The Core Kid Race Suit is comfortable and sturdy, as it uses the same materials as the adult version. It consists of an environmentally sustainable Italian-made material, a high quality recycled nylon, which provides an optimum fit, sun protection and maximum breathability. This trisuit is designed with a chamois that is specifically designed for children who train for triathlons. The suit for rising stars.

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    You know the smell: wetsuit funk. It’s not pretty, but it is preventable—and so is the chorine and salt damage that shortens the life of your expensive neoprene gear.



    If you are looking for a backpack where you can carry everything you need for your competitions or training sessions, this is the accessory for you. This is an adjustable backpack, which thanks to its adjustable capacity system allows you to increase its capacity so that it can be used in all purposes. Thanks to its new flat base, the backpack remains upright when propped up under a surface, perfect for transitions and changing rooms. It has a pocket for your helmet and a separate pocket in the lower part, which is ideal for carrying a wetsuit or wet clothing. In addition, its design allows for ventilation in the back area, so that it can be used comfortably on the way to training sessions or competitions. This is the ideal racing and training companion you have been waiting for.

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    The ultimate in transition bags has been built with triathletes in mind. With a pocket for everything imaginable, all within easy reach the Orca transition bag is hard-wearing and comfortable to carry. It comes with a protective helmet pocket, wet and dry gear compartments and specially lined pouches for electronics. A handy high-contrast bright green interior makes contents easy to find so you won’t lose essentials or time. Perfect when travelling overseas for races. A bag that will cover all your needs.

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  • SEAL R9X

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    Entry-level high quality Swimrun suit. SEAL R9X is an upgrade of the incredibly popular SEAL R8 suit which sold out at once. A very flexible and durable apparel for running, together with 5 mm neoprene calfs with good buoyancy gives a swim run suit with very good characteristics. Unisex model.Sizing product small ... take the larger size than note in the chart size

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    The Dare2Tri Swim2Run Go wetsuit offers a front and back zipper to give you all the options to get in and out of the wetsuit as fast as possible. The extra pocket in the upper leg gives you extra storage space to hold your gear.Dare2Tri stands for “Great gear at Great prices” this also has been transferred into the Dare2Tri Swim2Run Go wetsuit.Sizing product small ... take the larger size than note in the chart size

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