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    Instant anti-fog. Spray and swim. Reactivates your goggles anti-fog coating. Quicker, more effective and practical than the traditional anti-fog sprays. New revolutionary formula that delivers an extraordinary clarity of vision. Spray onto the lenses from a distance of about 20 cm. No need to rinse or wait. Safe formula. Made in Italy.



    This small finger paddle allows you to work out the catch phase on all 4 strokes

    • Flat finger design for working out the catch phase on each stroke
    • Smooth edge for safety in the pool. Lowers the risk of injuring a fellow swimmer
    • Multiple strap positioning for a custom fit
    • Cool colour and design
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    We believe you should be able to take your active lifestyle wherever you go. Our Fastpack 2.2 backpack is roomy enough to fit gear, shoes and clothes for swim sessions after the office or hitting the trails on the weekend. Made from a durable tech fabric, the interior is designed so you can easily access and store your stuff. This modern and versatile bag has logo detailing and a handy detachable bag. Recommended for triathletes.  Design This bag has a 40 litre capacity, measuring 55 x 40 x 30 cm. The breathable inner compartments keep moisture under control. Fit gear like kickboards in the spacious back section, and up to two pairs of shoes in the bottom compartment. The shoulder straps are padded for comfort and have a front chest buckle for extra stability.


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    This revolutionary carbon sleeveless triwetsuit is designed to dominate on race day. We combined two highly advanced materials to make the ultimate design. Yamamoto Aerodome neoprene panels integrated with our carbon cage fabric technology on the inside layer for advanced buoyancy and unparalleled core stability. Sleeveless design for total freedom of movement. The rear zip fastening is easy to grasp for quick removal and no loss time at transitions.

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    Constructed of neoprene bonded to nylon and an internal layer laminated with stretch fabric, this triathlon wetsuit design delivers boosted buoyancy with strategic chest and back panels. Coated with polyurethane to cut down on drag. The reverse zipper facilitates quick exits and fast transitions. Swim with total flexibility in this sleeveless model.

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    These are the fins all professional swimmers have been waiting for. Their innovative design features a sloping surface and hydrodynamic slits in the top to allow you to swim with a faster leg kick and better control. The open heel ensures the best possible ankle flexibility allowing faster upwards notion and a more powerful downward leg kick.  Training your legs vertically using Powerfin Pros for just a few minutes today will help you improve your underwater phase. The vertical leg kick allows you both to control your body position and make sure you are performing a proper leg kick.

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    This Swim Wetsuit will take you through your swimming while optimizing your performance. Experience uniform buoyancy and a level body position in the water. High-stretch neoprene across the shoulders and arms ensures full range of motion, and special glide skin fabric reduces drag. Hardwearing laminated neoprene in strategic areas reduces damage from friction while swimming. The front and back zippers simplify putting on the wetsuit. Fitted with a pocket on the upper leg for stowing gear, this durable wetsuit will stick with you as you cut through the water.

    Neoprene thickness:

    • 3 mm on chest and back panels
    • 2 mm on front legs and bottom panels
    • 1,5 mm arms and shoulders


    New to our equipment line up this season, The One Mirror Mask is an innovative goggle for fitness swimming. Engineered to adapt to most swimmer's face with special gaskets, they ensure comprehensive, crystal-clear vision and a watertight fit. Their sleek design includes anti-fog treated polycarbonate lenses and soft silicone seals for comfort that lasts. The mirrored surface makes this mask a smart option for outdoor swimming and triathletes.



    The arena One goggle was designed to fit most faces, based on R&D data captured on the structural similarities of faces. The area around the eye sockets is the most important area for engineering the perfect goggle seal. With its softer tissue, the eye socket needs a goggle that will adhere through non-compromised suction. We have designed the One goggle for the fitness-minded swimmer doing laps in the pool to stay fit. Inspired by all our goggles, the crystal clear lens and the anti-fog treatment for the One goggle will provide you with a forward and peripheral visual performance. With its smart one-piece construction, embedded lenses and the adjustable one-piece nose bridge, the arena One goggle is the only goggle you need.


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    SAMS stands for Shark Attack Mitigation System, which was developed in partnership with a team of respected shark researchers, with the aim of reducing the risk of shark attacks. It’s based on in-depth research into shark vision, neurology and behavior, which amongst other things analyzes what they can see at certain depths and distances under different light and water conditions. By playing with the colour/contrast and size/shape of the suit’s design, the aim is to put off the shark by making the swimmer appear less desirable (or even dangerous) to attack as possible food.

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    This incredible Arena product is designed to serve expert swimmers’ needs during particularly tough training sessions. The distinctive thing about these paddles is the moulding for the hands providing a natural, safe and comfortable grip. The multiple positions of the hand straps makes them easy to wear and the soft edges are extremely comfortable, preventing any uncomfortable rubbing against your wrists. Thanks to their special shape, neither too curved nor too flat, Vortex Evolution Paddles are undoubtedly an ideal training aid during extremely intense and demanding workouts thanks to their greater water resistance.You get a perfect feel for the water when swimming with these paddles and also greater resistance against the water itself.

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    Cette combinaison de natation est conçue pour optimiser la nage et vous maintenir à l’horizontale et votre flottabilité en eau libre. Elle est taillée dans un néoprène extra résistant dans les zones sujettes aux frottements et dans un néoprène ultra extensible au niveau des épaules et des bras pour que les mouvements ne soient pas restreints. De plus, un tissu spécial près du corps sur les jambes et sur le haut du corps réduit l’effet de traînée pour assurer une nage plus rapide. Nous avons doté cette combinaison de fermetures éclair avant et arrière pour qu'elle soit facile à porter. Rangez vos accessoires de jeu dans la poche pratique placée sur le haut de la jambe.

    Combinaison néoprène pour femmes : 3 mm poitrine et dos / 2 mm jambes / 1,5 mm bras et épaules

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